"Kathleen's joy and love of life is infectious and she knows how to create a connection that is deep and inspirational.  When I met her, I felt stuck and was looking for a change.  She was a powerful instrument in my decision to become a health and wellness coach.  She served as a sounding board on several occasions and I felt she got me and that is what gave me the nudge and confidence to move forward.  She is a gentle and wonderful teacher and precious guide for anyone who is on a journey to a more fulfilling life- Colette


"I really appreciate the teaching style - a great mix of joy and deep understanding of the practice.  I always thought that I could never do yoga since I can't even touch my toes, but in her class I discovered that yoga is way more about the soul than the body.  For me, class is an occasion to create a space for inner dialogue and peace.  At the same time, I found myself being able to enjoy every position, thanks to the fact that she always offers an alternative.  Through learning to push my physical limits and building both my balance and my strength, I feel a deep empowerment in every aspect of my life" - Émilie


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